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Posted by admin on August 26, 2016

Opting out of Conventional Living

September 1, 2016

Over the last 15 years there's been an plethora of organic and all-natural products entering the market place, and according to the Organic Trade Association, 2015 saw retail food sales top 43 billion. This trend isn't just with food either. Today we can find organically produced products across all industries including apparel, and especially externally applied products such as body care and cosmetic lines. As awareness has grown surrounding the negative consequences of large scale farming practices, many people are beginning to replace a conventional lifestyle with an all-natural one.

While it's true that more people are adopting healthier lifestyle choices, all-natural products still only represent around 4% of total sales. This means that 96% of all consumers are probably still foggy about different terms used to describe non-conventional products such as organically grown and all-naturally grown. To understand the difference between conventional products and all-natural ones, you have to look back in time to just before the industrial revolution.

Prior to the mid 1850's believe it or not, everyone consumed all-naturally produced goods. This wasn't just food either, every product available was all-natural. This all changed In 1892 when the first gas powered tractor hit the market, and by 1909, the first ammonium nitrate was synthesized. This time in history marked the beginning of what would be called factory farming. Fast forward 100 years and you can add antibiotics, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, industrial fertilizers, and genetically modified food to every spoonful you eat. That is, if you eat and live a conventional life.

Today, the the word “conventional” has become synonyms with industrial grown food and products that are not produced naturally. As people become more educated about the foods and products they use, the choice arises about whether or not to move away from conventional products to all natural ones. Like with any decision we as consumers make, eating conventionally, or all-naturally comes down to education on the differences these two choices will make in the overall health in our lives.

 To help simplify this quandary, it's best to view consumables in terms of either “life sustaining”, or “life depriving”. Unprocessed and all-natural foods are considered living foods because they do not contain the adulterated products that can build up and turn toxic in our systems. For the human body to thrive properly, and absence of toxins coupled with pure all-natural food must be adhered to. Is it any wonder that over the last 100 years that even with the technological breakthroughs in medicine that the overall health of our population is dwindling. It's this author's belief that this is directly related to the huge volume of toxins that we consume via our food and environment on a daily basis. The good news is, we live in a time where we finally have the knowledge to take our health back into our own two hands.

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