We offer a line of custom built garden accessories that not only look beautiful, but are also highly functional. Our cultivation systems include raised beds, window boxes, and hydroponic platforms. Our wood based growing structures are built to beautify your garden while providing parameters that plants need to flourish. Our raised growing structures are not only designed to allow plants thrive, but are also meant to keep you in an ergonomically correct position while gardening. Our raised beds can be outfitted with watering and trellising systems requiring less time working your garden, and more time enjoying it.


Gardens can supply us with clean food for sure, but they're also meant to be enjoyed. Creating functional outdoor areas in your garden and yard are great ways to get the family outdoors to enjoy nature. Sitting areas can be covered with a pergola to provide shade, while the sound of a trickling fountain can lull you away from the bustle of life. Your back yard is your sanctuary, so let your imagination, or ours, guide you to your own personal paradise!


Custom Garden Accessories:


Watering Systems

Hydroponic Platforms


Custom Leisure Accessories:



Outdoor Kitchens & Eating Areas

Accent lighting

Water Features & Fire Pits









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