When we contemplate re-working terra firma, the vision begins with you. We then take that vision and craft the finished design. Below are the steps we work through while working towards the finished product.

Initial contact

The first time we have contact with a client it is usually done over the phone or through e-mails. The next step is to set up an appointment with the potential client to discuss what it is they want to accomplish. During this time we do a lot of listening and ask various questions to gain a good understanding of the project design along with the client's wishes.

Site Evaluation and Project Preparation

Once a client chooses to hire us for designing their project, we begin to gather information pertinent to the job. We'll take notes and pictures of the proposed project site. This may include an analysis of your soil or looking into water rights/use for the property our client intends to build on. At this time we'll take the information we have and put together a preliminary drawing.

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